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Wizard High AOE Damage

by Toby on May 17, 2012 - Required level: 38 - Class: Wizard

Build Details

Focused on creating MAX AOE damage with Arcane Orb.

How to use:
1. Create a familar, with sparkflint rune. This will give you 12% more damage. Passive skill Glass canon also gives you 15 % more damage.
2. When attacking, summon a hydra, get close to a group of monsters and use Arcane Orb, dealing a lot of AOE damage. Use diamond Skin when you get low on life (you need to be pretty close to monsters with Arcane Orb). Use Archon when available and there is a lot of monsters to hit (to increase the duration of Archon).

Build Details

Tags: High AEO damage, Arcane Orb, Max AOE DPS

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