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Best Inferno Wizard Build

by Toby on May 20, 2012 - Required level: 55 - Class: Wizard

Build Details

This build is made for Inferno. What it requires, is that your Wizard has no vitality gear, but a lot of life regeneration gear instead. Your max life is going to be around 4700 in total with no vitality gear - not much for inferno most would say! The deal is that some of the elite monsters on inferno, would kill you with one hit anyway. I explain later.

Skills, and why i chose them:
Energy armor + Force armor rune = You can MAX loose 35% of your life (1645 life with no vitality gear).
Familar + Ancient guardian rune = Fully absorbs damage of one hit when below of 35% life.
Magic weapon + Bloog magic rune = You deal more damage, and 1.5% of your damage is converted to life. This skill can be something else if you want to.
Teleport + Wornhole = used for escaping when your stuck.
Passive skill: Galvanizing Ward, gives you more armor, and the most important thing, 310 life regeneration.
Passive skill: Illusionist, when you get hit and suffer more than 15% of your life, and you can use teleport again.

You would also have a Templar, he also gives you 155 life regeneration with this build:

So when a monster hits you, it can deal a total of 1645 damage, the rest is absorbed by energy armor and force rune. If you get hit more than twice, familar will take one hit for you. Now you have lost more than 15% of your total life long ago, so you can always use teleport to get away. All this while you can have a whole lot of life regeneration. Right now I'm having 1300 life regeneration, so my life is restored almost immediately. This build does not make you immortal, but it's very good in boss fights, whre you normally would die in one hit.

The build is tested working! Video will be added.

This build may also be good for PvP, but PvP is not available yet, so haven't tested.

Build Details

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