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Regen Tank

by KrystSakes on May 22, 2012 - Required level: 52 - Class: Barbarian

Build Details

1-hander and a shield. Mainly stack Vit/Str Int is your 3rd stat to worry about. In a lay out of skills You warcry for health and the regen and armor you leap into the fray and boom 4 secs of godliness. Threaten Shout to taunt everyone on you for 3 sec rend. Weith all the dmg from rend frenzy and revenge you can stay alive in Hell diff really nicely. The point is that you regen hp faster then you lose it. If you feel froggy and wish to do more dmg then tankyness then dual wield, just make sure Vit/Str/Int and life per hit is nice also with frenzy. Hope everyone likes this build. Oh and again this is tanky not dmg so you will need someone to do dmg for ya.

Build Details

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