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DH Inferno Survivability Build

by Gert on May 29, 2012 - Required level: 60 - Class: Demon Hunter

Build Details

This build has been used by a DH on Act 4 inferno.

My skills vary depending on the encounter, here is a list of what I use and why.
Entangling Shot - Increase hatred regeneration to 6 per shot: I use this for slowing stray mobs whilst kiting, and an additional hatred regen during boss encounters.
Elemental Arrow - Nether Tentacles: My only real DPS, I use it for nearly everything. The only exception is very fast mobs, for those I use a faster moving spell.
Caltrops - Immobilize when sprung: My primary slowing ability, it can even stun invulnerable mobs.
Smoke Screen - Increased duration: I use this as my reaction spell, when I suddenly take a hit this stops me instantly dying whilst I play my next move.
Vault - Free to use + 15 second cooldown: I play a discipline heavy build, this is my emergency move when I run out of room to kite and need to get through the mobs quickly.
Companion - Increased Hatred regen: For nuking things quickly.
Companion - Increased gold + gold collection: Always used when farming.
Preparation - Gain 60% life: I use this for the instant heal as much as I do the discipline regen.
Marked for death - Increased hatred regen: Single target boss nuking.
Rain of Vengeance - AOE Stun: When I'm afraid I will get swamped by mobs and need a safety net.

Steady Aim - I generally prefer this to sharpshooter as it's more predictable, when deciding how to approach the next pack of mobs I don't like randomness and after the initial shots this ability isn't stable enough for me.
Vengeance - Regaining hatred from health globes has a lot of benefits in boss fights where you are confident you wont take damage. Also in group play when other players are grabbing them.
Archery - A good DPS boost
The numbers do include the steady aim bonus, but I don't use sharpshooter.

I have 3 sets of gear:
63 000 hp, 25 000 dps 200 resistance
24 000 hp, 37 000 dps 80 resistance
22 000 hp, 25 000 dps 50 resistance 150 magic find
I choose when to use which down to the specific pack of mobs and not just bosses.

Act 1 of inferno was interesting, it was harder but not impossible. I learned to understand each enemy and what it would take to kill it. My second lesson, there are no best spell, just good spells for each encounter.
Act 2 was the brick wall that everyone else was faced with, it was time to gear up and I started to farm act 1. I created my third set of gear, working out how much HP and DPS I needed to clear act 1 as a good pace, and upgrading my magic find whilst keeping to those numbers.
My third lesson, if you can clear act 1 easily with 20 000 dps and 30 000 hp, then don't get more for farming. Get magic find whilst never dropping the two magic numbers.
My biggest frustration of act 2 was the instant deaths, I quickly got fed up of 30 second res timers and running back to my last location. This is where I took a turn for the crazy and farmed the right gear for me. My act two gear had 23,000 dps, 63,000 hp and 200 resistance. I suddenly stopped getting 1 shot when I ran into a new area and had time to react and survive. For me, killing something slower was far more exciting than watching a 30 second timer.

The end boss of act 2 came down to tactics. Having solo'd to this point after 4 hours of wipes and countless combinations of spells I grouped with 2 friends (who were still stuck at the start of act 2). It took another 90 minutes but analysing the reasons for our deaths let pure tactics kill the boss.

My lesson here was position, timings and skill can count in Diablo. Whilst gear is important, you can get further if you have the skill and dedication.

Public play
For act 3 I thought I would try public play, I spent several hours grinding through the start of the act with countless people coming, dying and leaving. It wasn't fun and I wondered why I bothered. But then I met a Wizard who was both friendly and capable. A few hours later (and countless players) a Barbarian joined and the three of us (plus even more comers and goers) spent the whole Sunday clearing through act 3.
I was shocked that with random players we managed to do so well (in my eyes) but patience was the key.
I'm now sitting in act 4 and can't decide whether I'd rather play solo or public, that decision comes for another night but perhaps after a bit more gear farming.

We're not all born to farm the auction house, making money comes easily to some but to most it's a big hurdle. It's easy for me to say "learn which items are good and sell them for lots of gold" but it's not always that easy to do.
My simple tip is this, if you sell everything to a vendor you'll be making money. If you want to earn a bit more then always keep 10 auctions up for 5000 gold. Someone will probably get a bargain and you'll get more than you would from a vendor.
If you think an item is worth more then post it for more! But with the amount of general loot you will get, 5000 gold a time soon adds up.

Champions / Elites
These are the hardest part of the game in my opinion, on inferno you need to learn how you beat them. Consider: Gear, skills and location, with these in mind you can kill most things.
I've learned (in relation to Demon Hunter):
Walling mobs in narrow corridors will often get stuck themselves, giving me time to regain hatred and heal.
Vortex can't pull you over objects or upstairs, use the environment to your advantage.
Invulnerable adds can be slowed using traps (I've no idea if this is a bug?)
Ice, molten, plague, mortar are all far easier in big open spaces.
Damage reflect is a test of patience.

In general, every combination I meet I ask three questions:
1) Open space or corridors.
2) High DPS or high HP
3) Which spells will give me the best chance? Slowing, stunning, nuking or other?

As this is a very long post I will highlight some points:
Equipment: Keep several options, high dps - low hp, low dps - high hp and learn when to use what.
Skills: The best skills are the right ones for your next enemy, choose and adapt.
Environment: Learn to use open spaces, narrow corridors, stairs, corners and what advantages you can gain.
Tactics: Skill and Tactics are a big part of Diablo, you can get far with gear, you'll get there faster with thought.

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Build Details

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