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Gold Farming Build

by Toby on May 29, 2012 - Required level: 59 - Class: Wizard

Build Details

This is the build i use for gold farming.

Focus is on: MAX AoE DPS and MAX arcane power! For the most efficient gold farming.

Shock Pulse + Piercing Orb: High AoE DPS
Disintegrate + intensify: High AoE DPS

Teleport + Wormhole: Move faster!
Familar + Sparkflint: 12% more damage
Magic Weapon + Venom: 10% more damage (+15% poison damage)
Energy Armor + Energy Tap: More Arcane power (+ more defence)

Astral Presence: more Arcane power + faster arcane regeneration
Galvanizing Ward: Life reg. while enery armor is active (change to something else if you like)
Glass Cannon: 15% damage!

Build is made for level 60. Act 3 Nightmare is a good place to farm - but if you have the gear, go for hell (or inferno ;-))

See video for gold farming guide.

Build Details

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