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AOE Monk

by Daihoc on May 30, 2012 - Required level: 33 - Class: Monk

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If you like AOE with a dash of melee, this is where it's at. This build can be used entirely thoughout the leveling process of the monk. It will make a hero amongst team mates, mainly the squishies. This is how it goes.


Dual wielding (you want speed and dps. This means you probably want a dagger with at least 1.20. The offhand can be anything you like. I tend to go with a mace or axe)

Tons of Dex (Dexterity is the name of the game and this is where you get your increased dodge from.)

Lots of str (You are looking to take down the mobs as soon they get to you, the harder you hit, the faster they go down)

Lots of Vitality (You want to be able to withstand as much as you can while you mow down the mobs around you)

And you can go with crit for more damage, or life regen to gain your health back but you will normally be popping heals when you need it.


You literally run directly into the center of a group of mobs. Just as you hit the center, you pop Cyclone strike. This will pull all the mobs into the center. From this point, you spam Crippling wave... till all the mobs have dropped. Once the mobs are down, you pop Breath of Heaven to regain what little health you lost. Rince and repeat!

This strategy works with small groups as well as large ones. It also does a very good job of keeping the agro of the bosses on you and not your team mates. With enough damage, you are walking AOE hence the name AOE Monk.

This strategy works well throughout Normal, nightmare and Hell. At which point, you may want to start looking for a tanking build of some kind so you can survive. You will not see the viability of this build till at least the end of Normal just before you reach Diablo.

Great for item farming! :)

Hope this helps!

Build Details

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