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The one and only - a WD guide

by Mota on Jun 2, 2012 - Required level: 40 - Class: Witch Doctor

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This is by faaar the best build i have played and i've been looking at ALOT of builds.
Eh so, Either Big bad voodoo or fetish army can be replaced for Zombie dogs but only if your lvl 54+ so you can use Leeching Beast because it sounds awesome..
The thing about this build is that you always want 4 spells on cooldown for your passive skill Vision Quest to work and this skill is AMAZING, combined with dire bats and a heavy dmg weapon your dps will be thick! Always use Gargantuan and/if you got it Zombie dogs on cooldown too keep that cd up, then use spirit walk in the start of a fight to run into the group and use Soul Haverest. With Zombie dogs this is enough for your Vision Quest to proc but without, also use Big bad voodoo right away.
Now spam your bats with almost endless mana =)

Build Details

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