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Inferno Barbarian - Sprint Run Like the Wind

by Anonymous on Jun 3, 2012 - Required level: 60 - Class: Barbarian

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Hats off to the guy who posted the youtube clip of him farming Act 2 with 5 stacks using a Throw/Sprint build. Whether or not he knows it he has stumbled upon what is quite possibly the best ability of the class. Yes, you read that right. Sprint with the "Run Like The Wind" rune for the 60% Weapon Damage tornadoes is amazing.

I ditched throw to test if whether or not just using Sprint/Run Like the Wind + Battle rage/In to the Fray was viable in of itself. Using it and trashy off hand sword with 500 Life on Hit with a 190 Life on Hit gem I was amazed to find out that I was right about my suspicion that each tornado functioned in every way like whirlwind including how it calculated Life on Hit. In essence one can get healing returns from 4 Whirlwinds at once. On top of that it is possible with practice to have the tornadoes stack next to each other giving you 60% x2, x3, and even x4 on the larger mobs. That's upwards of 240% weapon damage with a Life on Hit return greater than frenzy and you are not sitting there get swarmed tanking every mob on the screen.

I lost over 1k armor, over 7k HP, over 2k DPS, down to 35k HP 8K Armor 10k DPS with 600 Resists, using a build without revenge, and I'm now cruising through Act 2, able to farm Mag with 5 stack, and my gear is not even optimized with the build. I definitely see going far more offensively geared.

Note: The mechanic for the spawning and placing tornadoes where you want takes practice. Once you start sprinting it will spawn a tornado after each second of continuous movement, but that timer resets if you stop moving. So if you stop/start mid sprint you will lose 1 or more tornadoes. Also, this setup is disadvantaged against wallers, shielding, and invulnerable. I consider using WotB with Thrive on Chaos almost mandatory not because it deals more damage that the Insanity rune, but that with this build you can keep it up endlessly which is important against the annoying frozen, nightmare, and jailer affixes.

Source: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5596252145?page=1

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