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Diablo Solo Hell

by Tox on Jun 4, 2012 - Required level: 57 - Class: Witch Doctor

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This is a very good build for taking out diablo solo on hell (i havent tried this yet on another boss) with 17000 dps. With a poison gargatuan out, you reduce diablos damage by 20%, plus the 20% for the other passive ability. For the first part of the fight, use big bad voodoo, then spam the zombie bears. Their poison damage also makes it so that diablo only does 60% of his actual damage. If ever you're in danger, spirit walk away. What I also did was spirit walk to diablo before spamming the bears. Cast Haunt every now and then to assure that u always have mana. In the nightmare realm, save your big bad voodoo for later and just spirit walk and attack diablo. Use your bears to quickly kill your clone. Spirit walk is also a quick way to avoid those annoying claw traps. Continue on in the final stage with big bad voodoo and spirit walk and make sure to get behind diablo and spam bears when he uses his lightning attack.

Build Details

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