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The Boss

by Darkmatter on Jun 21, 2012 - Required level: 60 - Class: Wizard

Build Details

This build focuses on mobility and sustained dps

I've been able to down Belial and am currently going against act 3 inferno.

I can solo hell with my eyes closed with the amount of dps able to dish out.

Now this is for boss fights - drop a hydra..then disintegrate - when they get close to you - teleport and fracture will distract them - then continue dps - when confronted with a pack or a boss then archon.

For boss:

Archon: Improved Archon
Disintegrate Intensify

For Farming:

Archon: Teleport
Disintegrate: Chaos Nexus

I stacked resists and have a high damage two hander so I can blast away without getting 1 shot.
With 25k dps I can destroy anything up to act 2 inferno.

Build Details

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