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Save DPS Build-Locoloro

by locoloro on Jun 26, 2012 - Required level: 54 - Class: Witch Doctor

Build Details

This build is extreamly DPS build but you can play it save beacause you'll never die, they die earlier.


1-Use Spirit Walk and go at the center of the enemies.
2- Use extraction when you are in the center, your DPS will increase like 4k more.
3- Run and stay in a save place where you can attack them (don't stay in the middle)
4- SPAAAAAM your bears and when you don't have Magicka use your Firebombs until you've again
your Spirit Walk.
5-Againts Bosses change your Firebomb for : Poison Dart with Splinters for the MAX DPS one objective.

Pasives: I choose this passives because they increase your DPS

Locoloro says: I've been in hell difficulty and i only die 2 times againts Diablo this build is very good, i don't use fetichs or voodo totem because the extremly large cooldawn i prefere the SPAAAAM!

(You only need lvl 54) Sorry for my faults i'm not English _

Build Details

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