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Cheap Survival Inferno Monk

by Toby on Jul 12, 2012 - Required level: 55 - Class: Monk

Build Details

I have used this build to clear Act1 and Act2 on inferno, with about 300k spend on gear. With more gold is should be easier.

The guy in the video used this:

My stuff was a little better, but used the same build.

Skills and why to use them:

Deadly Reach + Keen Eye: 50% more armor..
Breath of Heaven + Blazing Wrath: Heals you and gives you 15% increase of damage in 45 seconds, keep this damage buff on always.
Blinding Flash + Faith in the Light: Blinds enemy and gives your 30% damage increase for some seconds..
Serenity + Ascension: Use this when in big trouble to get away..
Mystic Ally + Earth Ally: This guy will do some serious tanking for you!
Mantra of Evasion + Hard Target: Makes you dodge more + 20% armor increase.

Seiza the Initiative: 100% armor increase of dex.
One With Everything: Maybe the most important. You stack all resist + one other resistance, arcane etc. and get double up on the resist.
Resolve: Reduce enemy damage with 25% of your own!

Now you are ready to kick some inferno ass!

Build Details

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