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DH Inferno Glass Canon Budget Gear

by Toby on Jul 21, 2012 - Required level: 58 - Class: Demon Hunter

Build Details

This build has been used for clearing Inferno with budget gear (100K used on gear, 33k DPS, some variations of the build for some bosses though).


Gear and stats:

The idea of this build, in not to get hit at all.

Hungering Arrow + Devouring Arrow: When low on hatred.
Cluster Arrow + Loaded for Bear: High DPS and AOE damage.
Caltrops + Torturous Ground: Trap the enemies so they move slower.
Smoke Screen + Lingering Fog: Main skill for all Demon Hunters.. No explenation needed.
Preparation + Focused Mind: use this when low on dicipline so you can use Smoke Screen/Vault again.
Vault + Tumble: Get away fast when in trouble.

Tactical Advantage: To get away FAST with Smoke Screen.
Steady Aim: More DPS!
Archery: More DPS !

Build Details

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