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Double Tornado Whirlwind Barb

by Toby on Jul 22, 2012 - Required level: 60 - Class: Barbarian

Build Details

This "Double Tornado" build is a popular farming build for barbs. You need very high crit chance for this build to be succesfull.

For instructions on how to use the build, check Kripparrians video.

Specs and gear:

Important skills in this build:
Whirlwind + Hurricane: main attack
Wrath of the Berserker + Thrive on Chaos: gives you a lot of extra damage, movement speed etc. The rune does that you can have this buff going for a long time, while spending 25 fury gives you 1 more second.
Battle Rage + Into the Fray: Critical hits has the chance to generate 15 fury. Important because you have to spend a lot of fury.
Sprint + Run like the Wind: Gives you movement speed, also tornados help you damage enemies and with LoH (life on hit) they also heal you (and gives you fury)...

Animosity: more fury!
Ruthless: more crit chance!

Build Details

Tags: whirlwind, double tornado, tornade, sprint, farming

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