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Critical Mass Tornado

by Toby on Aug 19, 2012 - Required level: 60 - Class: Wizard

Build Details

My own version of the very popular Wizard build, including the passive "Critical Mass".

You want a high critical hit chance, I will say go for at least 20 %. Arcane power on crit. is also preferable, 8-10 should do it.

Spectral Blade + Healing Blades: High damage + healing.
Energy Twister + Wicked Wind: Primary attack. Spam this on the enemies while they are frozen, gives you lots of crits to reduce cooldowns.
Diamond Skin + Crystal Shell: PROTECTION! Spam this, it keeps you alive. Critical mass should make the cooldown go down fast.
Frost Nova + Cold Snap: Freeze enemies, spam twister to crit. and damage and freeze again (critical mass will make cooldown go down faster).
Energy Armor + Prismatic Armor: Increased armor + all res. Nice when you are in the middle of a horde of enemies.
Magic Weapon + Force Weapon: Can be replaces, some people are using Archon with slow time. I like Magic weapon for more damage.

Power Hungry: Can be replaced, if you have lots of arcane power on crit., then go for Cold Blooded for more damge.
Critical Mass: Most important skill in this build!! You will have a high crit. chance, so this skill will make your cooldowns go down FAST!
Evocation: Reduce cooldowns with 15%

Strategy: rush into the middle of a horde of monsters, freeze them, diamond skin spam twisters and freeze again, always have diamond skin on. I recommend you to watch the video below.

Build Details

Tags: critical mass, tornado, melee wizard

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