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Patch 1.0.4 Inferno WD Pet Build

by Toby on Aug 25, 2012 - Required level: 60 - Class: Witch Doctor

Build Details

This build focus on survivability of you and your pets. Your pets need to keep alive so they can tank for you. I've completed the game with this build, so its viably through act 4 inferno. Some elites can be pretty hard on act 3 and 4. Mortar is a bitch :-) The pets survivability is pretty good after patch 1.0.4. They can take ridiculous amount of damage now - but this also depends on your own gear/stats.

My stats:
Str. 323
Dex 251
Int 1499
Vit 820
Armor 2927
Damage 23.5k
All res. 390
Total Life 32.700
Life on Hit 570

I used aprox. 1-1.4 mill on gear, so that should be affordable for most.

Firebomb + Ghost Bomb: Primary attack, you can use this from a distance, and it also has good AOE damage. Alternative you can use Plaguea of Toads + Rain of Toads if you want to (or any other primary attack you like).
Acid Cloud + Slow Burn: Secondary attack, when you have the mana for it. This skill is not necessary for the build, for example you can also use Zombie bears if you find that it deals more damage, and you can get close to enemies without dying.
Spirit Walk + Healing Journey: Use this to get away and get healed at the same time.
Horrify + Fightening Aspect: One more defensive skill, if you are in the middle of trouble, scare the monsters away and you also get armor buff for 8 seconds.
Gargantuan + Humongoid: Your tank, also deals a lot of damage, gives it a bit of AOE damage with the Humongoid rune.
Sumon Zombie Dogs + Leeching Beats: Your little tanks, die a bit faster than the gargantuan, but the cooldown is less than gargantuan. With this build they should stay alive for a decent amount of time.

Pierce the Veil: More damage, mana cost increased though - but you dont really need that much mana, so its not that big of a loss.
Jungle Fortitude: Reduce damage taken of you and your pets by 20 % - thats a lot !!
Zombie Handler: Gives you 1 more zombie dog and also increases health of Zombie dogs + Gargantuan with 20 %.

The only time i've experienced my pets died fast, was in act 3 and 4 when we encountered some crazy damage elites. Overall a pretty damn good build, especially if you're in a party.

Build Details

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