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DH Tank Build 1.04

by Toby on Aug 30, 2012 - Required level: 60 - Class: Demon Hunter

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As many of us know, the pre-1.04 demon hunter tank build was effectively removed from the game when some proc coefficients were badly nerfed (jagged spikes, gas grenades, shuriken cloud). The DH tanks had to move on to other builds (personally, I've been using a fun trail of cinders build) and other playstyles. Until Now!

Grenades - Stun Grenades
Cluster Arrow - Dazzling Arrow
Caltrops - Bait the trap
Smokescreen - Choking Gas
Rain of Vengeance - Flying Strike
Preparation - Focused Mind
Night Stalker, Archery, Grenadier

The goal: to stunlock packs of elites while spamming smokescreen

The execution: run into a pack and get them to stack up on you nicely. Pop Rain and Prep and drop a trap. Spam smokescreen, grenades, and cluster as much as possible. Collect loot when the dust settles.

The gear: I tested this build by facetanking almost all of act 2, running into as many elites as I could. Several times I tanked two packs at once. To achieve the crit chance needed for this build, I swapped a few of my tank pieces for my old dps pieces with crit on them. Relevant stats I had: 50k hp, 25k dps, 3800 armor, 300 resists, 1600 LoH, 7% cc chance (freeze/stun), 35% crit chance (45% with trap)
Overall, this build brought me back into the enemy's face and I had a blast testing it out and seeing how much I can sit still in. It's also a really flashy build, with all those stun grenades and dazzling clusters it's like a wicked pyrotechnics show!

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Build Details

Tags: tank, survival

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