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Blitzkrieg Barb

by Fatty on Sep 15, 2012 - Required level: 60 - Class: Barbarian

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A variant of the classic whirlwind barb, without WW.
To start from cold, use war cry to get fury, then use the fury to sprint to an enemy; cleave a few times to get fury. pop battle rage and then sprint around the pack until you CLUSTER them, then cleave a few times to 'rupture' the whole pack. your health and fury should both be full when they explode. Hint, you can use the tornados from sprint as a type of sentry, doing damage while you stand in the tornados and hit with cleave. so run one way to get two tornadoes, then run back and get two more, for four tornadoes close together. then stand in about the middle and cleave. the tornadoes highly reduce their health and eventually they all explode from cleave.
Now that you have full health/fury and battle rage is still up, sprint to the next pack, cluster and cleave/rupture, then repeat. sprint can be hit like 5 times before it runs out and that is def long enough to get to the next pack. sprint also breaks barrels etc for you.
Sprinting from pack to pack makes farming easier and also helps if you need to kite some of the elites. Sprint is also good if your gear isnt that great and you just simply need to kite to survive. This build is really fun to play as you keep hitting pack to pack really fast and cleave with rupture will explode large numbers of enemies = very satisfying gameplay. With sprint/kiting, you die very infrequently and this makes repair costs drop and farming more productive.
You dont need the greatest gear because it is mostly the style that makes this build work. You need to have SOME crit +crit damage (or just really high DPS) to make it really satisfying. I farm acts 1-3 inferno with this and have about 30,000 health and 30,000 DPS. I havent finished act 4 yet because my DPS is too low and I just have to kite. (I hate kiting).

have fun
(sprint then cleave, sprint then cleave = blitzkrieg)

Build Details

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