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Ninja Toss

by Sirklick on Oct 22, 2012 - Required level: 60 - Class: Demon Hunter

Build Details

A fun farming build that requires relatively modest (for now) gear and works with patch 1.0.5.

A working play strategy
1. Find some prey and approach to just outside of their "Im going to kill you range"
2. Drop Caltrops and take a step back
3. Drop 1-3 spike trap(s) in the middle of Caltrops
- drop them in a vertical line to maximize the number of hits as they progress through Caltrops
4. Drop Chakram as the enemy approaches
- Target past the charging enemy to draw the aggro of their compatriots and maximize hit count
5. Vault either forward or backward (situation dependent) for the %300 damage over time and escape
6. Not dead!?! Repeat steps 2 through 5.

This is the most commonly effective attack plan, but is by no means the only working strategy. This can and should be re-ordered to fit the situation.

Gear Requirements
Dex, Crit-Damage, and Crit-Chance are always good and this still holds true, so you should always be looking ways to increase these values. In addition to the Normal DH arsenal this build benefits heavily from Chakram Skill bonus. You should be aiming for a total bonus of 10, which makes Chakram free, but 4-5 is doable with a Bat Companion. There are three armor slots you can find this on all of which give a max of 5 (chest, ring, and amulet).

The Inquisitor (chest) with Chakram +5 is great thanks to its Life Regen, Resist All, Movement Speed, and decent Dex. Mixed with Skull Grasp or Stone of Jordan with Chakram +5 (both are great damage boosters) and the build requirements are met. The Amulet (Mara's Kaleidoscope) option is ok, but good luck finding one with decent Dex, Chakram+, and Crit Chance. The Stone of Jordan and high quality Mara's options are really only for the extremely rich or lucky.

Key Stats
Chakram bonus
Movement Speed
Quality of Life
All Resistance
Life leech
Attack Speed
Crit Chance
Crit Damage

Build Details

Tags: PVM, Chakram

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