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Archon Wizard 2h

by James on Nov 7, 2012 - Required level: 60 - Class: Wizard

Build Details

Key features of this build:
-No AP on crit is needed.
-No reduced AP cost for skills is needed.

You will need 24% movespeed to keep Archon up (lacuni prowlers recommended).
If you lack movespeed substitute the 'shocking aspect' rune for 'scramble'.

This build is for wizards using a 2h like Skorn (1400 dps preferred).
If you are using a wand + source you are likely have AP problems when using disintegrate and might try substituting 'shocking aspect' for 'power of the storm'.

If you are dying to elites even while in archon form, reduce mp level! I sometimes run this build but with energy armor, and it works, but it is not nearly as fast or fun. The storm armor dps, especially with shocking aspect, is often is the difference between finishing an elite pack during Archon or it running out. Energy armor also causes AP problems when clearing large rooms with disintegrate do to the reduced AP pool.

Time your diamond skin so most of your disintegrate channeling is while it is up (and benefits from the reduced cost rune). Try to pop Archon when you find a big pack of trash mobs for the extra 20 seconds off the bat.

Build Details

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