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Auto-Slow Auto-freeze scoundrel

by Khal Drogo on Dec 17, 2012 - Required level: 30 - Class: Follower

Build Details

Weapon: Buriza-do-kyanon atleast 10%freeze(14%is max) // high pierce will help too

Amulet: Star of Azkaranth atleast 4%freeze(5%is max)

Ring1: +9%speed +highvit +allresistance

Ring2: +9%speed +highvit +allresistance OR any stone of jordan with +cold dmg for extra freeze on hit

This build will make auto-slow and auto-freeze on a lot on enemies aiding your character a lot.

Good for most builds and characters,. ENjoY!

Build Details

Tags: Scoundrel, follower, autoslow, autofreeze

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