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Barbarian PvP Patch 1.0.7

by Toby on Jan 18, 2013 - Required level: 55 - Class: Barbarian

Build Details

Best PvP build i found so far. I'm a paragon level 72 barbarian, this build was good against DH and other barbs. WD is hard to kill ATM.

Weapon Throw with stun - stun is good
Ground Stump - Again, stunning enemies, this doesnt really work on DH and WD as they can you Cloak and Spirit Walk
Rend - can be used on WD and DH, if you have enough DMG they die after some time.
War Cry with dodge (oprional) - the dodge is good, try getting some dex on some items too, for more dodge.
Sprint - Marathon (optional) - to get close or get away fast
Battle Rage - Very optional.. More damage and fury regen

Unforgiven - gain fury instead of loosing it.. If you have the IK set bonus this is not needed.
The other passives is optional, choose what you think is the best. I go for damge, but bloodlust and Superstition is also good.

Some strategies:
Dh are pretty easy to kill with this build, if you have some survivability.
It's important to use rend on DH, they will die really fast when their Smoke Screen runs out. WD is harder to kill because of Spirit Walk, but Rend also helps here. Monk have Serenity, try to stun them with a Throw, when they use Serenity to get out and it's on cooldown, Stun them with a Ground stomp and use rend and kill.

Build Details

Tags: PvP, Duel, Stun Barb, Ranged Barb

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