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Rrob build

by Dougie on Sep 25, 2013 - Required level: 60 - Class: Barbarian

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Hi everyone welcome to this post. first off i have created this build for those who are looking for different option apart from those popular build such a ww, Hota, ww/rend. Which are good and efficient.
Now... why did I call it Rrob?
Simple: Rend, Revenge, Overpower and Brawler ( passive)
Ill explain why I chose those 4 skills and how they work

Rrob is a tank build but also it is extremely offensive, it is based on 4 skills as mentioned above...it is a build that can be adapted to any kind of gear. It has 3 build options that will be explained.

1-extremely high DPS
2-good survivability.
3-has 3 build variants
4-good for farming with
Density of mobs
1-quite complicated
2-no able to move between mobs (no ww)
3-no good for ubers or single target

-Rend (blood lust) : its the only one skill to survive and with the extremely high DPS it steals a lots of life
-Revenge (best served cold) : good offensive and survivable skill, it gives you 10%cc over 12 sec which is enough to keep it up, you only need to tank mobs and receive hit to activate it as much as you can, it also work perfectly with overpower (+20% cc)
-overpower ( killing spree): it is a good offensive and perfect combo with revenge as it activate and do some critical to all the mobs around you and reducing the cooldown for 1 sec.
-Brawler (passive) : it is pure offensive and it buffs you with 30% of your total DPS as long as there are 3 mobs within 8 yards


This is my favourite one coz it has an extremely DPS decent attack speed and mobility thanks to WotB. It gives you up to 33% cc (revenge/WotB/battle rage/overpower) , 25% attack speed (WotB), +45% damage (brawler/battle rage) . But unfortunately it is the complicated one coz you need to keep WotB up.
How to use this build?
-First use rend as it is gonna save you (use all the time)
-Receive a couple of hits to regenerate enough fury to activate battle rage
-use sprint to regenerate fury at the max
-activate WotB
-then you can go in between the mobs and use all your skills just like CM wizard

It is very easy to use coz it has no WotB so you don't have to worry about fury and it is more defensive (war cry). It gives you up to 23% cc (overpower/revenge/battle rage),
84% damage (brawler/bash/battle rage), 20% all res and armor
How to use this build?
-use war cry them activate battle fury
-use bash to regenerate fury and then use rend
-go in the middle of the mobs, but remember to keep 3 stack of bash (24% dmg) And use all the skills like CM wizard

This build is basic....it has the 4 skills and the rest is meant to give the community the freedom to create other builds.

-when you are in the middle of the mobs press shift and then use all the skills just like CM wizard in other words to press the buttons fast
- I recommend you to have a decent hp and all res as you are gonna fight in the middle of the mobs don't focus to much in your DPS it is gonna be high anyway
In other words get balanced gear
-in build 1 u can use Hota instead of sprint....you only need a decent attack speed

I have tested the build with 3 different gear: Dual Wield, 2 handed and Wep/shield.
-Dual wield: it so fast and regenerate fury fast it works well with Hota and the life steal (rend) is not bad.....it is recommended to use immortal king belt to farm efficiently in terms of survivability
-Wep/shield: it is a good way to balance your char as it has the survivability and Block chance, it also give you extra CC%, but it has less DPS
-2 handed: it is the best way to get extremely high DPS, and also to steal big amount of life as the damage it does is massive, but its slow and complicated to keep WotB up....it require a lots of attack speed, me personally its my favourite coz it works perfectly to me as I have 1.5 attack per sec

Keep in mind that this DPS is based on my char and its meant to give you an idea about how much damage it increase:

Gear_________DPS no buff____Build 1_____Build 2.
Dual Wield______ 213k________521k______476k.
2 handed_______236k_______595k______582k

Thanks everyone to watch this post please feel free to give your opinion
I'm Dougie#2466 and ill see you in the game Thanks

Build Details

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