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2-0-1 bear-barrage wd

by Xoved on Mar 11, 2014 - Required level: 60 - Class: Witch Doctor

Build Details

Single Target DPS:
Blow Hallucinate & BBV and r-click the boss to death

Throw a few r-clicks in, then follow up with zombie bears.
Grave injustice will keep your pools full.

It works with at least 60mreg. in long fights u need to throw in a few barrages in between to keep the rush of essence stacks up.

Torment I is easymode with this build. if you have much mreg, switch spirit vessel for pierce the veil.
horrify is personal preference and quite good for sticky situations.
frightening aspect buffs the tenacy from 500k to 850k

Build Details

Tags: spirit barrage, bear, PvM, PvE

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