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RoS Pull-Teleport Monk

by Toby on Apr 5, 2014 - Required level: 60 - Class: Monk

Build Details

This build focus on efficiency and speed !

These skills are mandatory:
Dashing Strike (for teleport)
Cyclone Strike (for pulling)

Fleet footed (for speed)

All other skills are optional, but I find theese optimal. First of Thunder will quicly teleport you to the enemy.

If you want to change any skills, I suggest that you change:
Epiphany with Seven sided strike
Mantra of Conviction with another mantra if you need more suitability

Transcendence with what suits you.

Otherwise than that this build is pretty easy.

Start with sweeping wind and stack up till you get tornado's. Use cyclone strike to pull enemies, when all dead quickly teleport to the next pack of mobs so you don't loose your sweeping wind stack. Use epiphany against elites.

Requires level 70.

Build Details

Tags: teleport, pull monk, speed monk

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