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Solo DH

by dardor on May 8, 2012 - Required level: 48 - Class: Demon Hunter

Build Details

Hungering Arrow with Puncturing Arrow - easy one shot Hatred generator. Rune is really not set since I am looking for pure DPS with this.

Rapid Fire with Web Shot - this is DPS with CC. I took Cull the Weak purely because this is going to be where the damage is needed and Vengeance helps supply that extra Hatred to maintain fire. Some fast calculations: with Vengeance I can maintain Rapid Fire for 15 seconds on full Hatred with Marked for Death on a single target. Without Marked for Death I still get a full 10 seconds of fire on anything in the area. Without Vengeance and using Withering Fire that is only 12 seconds with Marked for Death and 8 seconds on anything in the area, plus I need to worry about Fire Resistance.

Multishot with Suppression Fire - this is CC, with a little DPS in mind. The only reasons I would be using this is if I need to get away fast or if I'm out of Discipline. This should get me the Discipline needed for a Vault or two.

Vault with Tumble - RUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!!

Marked for Death with Mortal Enemy - For bosses and small groups of Champions/Rares.

Preparation with Punishment - more Rapid Fire...need I say more?

Vengeance - I was thinking what do I want to do with this build. And the answer I came up with was sustained Rapid Fire. This does it. Very tidily I might add.

Cull the Weak - if Rapid Fire is my main attack, and I can slow the targets using Rapid Fire, and this does more damage to slowed targets...

Archery - 10% passive crit (I'd be dual wielding hand crossbows...most likely).

Build Details

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